25 december, 2018

5 tips to ensure you are not cheated on your vacation rental on Ibiza

5 tips to ensure you are not cheated on your vacation rental on Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

When you go on vacation, it is important that you ensure that you are getting a good villa.

The difference between a good vacation and a bad vacation is often in the nature of where you stay. This article is written to ensure that you are not ripped off when looking for villa rentals.

Avoid generic rental websites

When people find themselves in new places like Ibiza, it may be hard to know how to rent exclusive villas in Ibiza. It is okay as long as you are intent on getting the help you need. However, when you are seeking such help, it is important to avoid generic rental websites as much as possible.
These websites lack credibility—no real names of the owners, no traceable physical office address, and poor reviews. When you stumble on such websites that promise to luxury villa rentals Ibiza, it is advisable that you exercise caution.

5 tips to ensure you are not cheated on your vacation rental on Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

Check ratings and reviews when using classified websites

Classified websites have been around for a while. They are good places to source for the villas for rent in Ibiza. However, there is a major con—classified websites are a vast online marketplace. To avoid getting into the hands of scammers, it is essential that you check their ratings and reviews by their past customers. This will help you to avoid making deals with the wrong agents.

Avoid conventional media when seeking vacation rental options

These include planks in the public space, newspapers, and lampposts with adverts that read like this: "Ibiza villa rental" "Ibiza villas to rent" "luxury life in Ibiza," "luxury villa rentals Ibiza" "luxury villa rental Ibiza," etc. Most of these conventional media lack any credible authors.

Always negotiate for a good deal

Before you make any payment, ensure that you have negotiated what you know to be a fair and good deal. Many real estate agents will seek to cheat visitors and tourists off their hard-earned money. In addition, when making payment, if possible, make your payments in installments. This will help you to mitigate the loss in case you do not like the villa you get.
Also, it is important that you see the villa before making any serious payment. Many villas have poor structures and are seriously debilitated, but they are beautifully advertised on the internet and other forms of media. To avoid getting into such scams, it is advisable that you try and visit the place or you can check reviews of past users who have used the place.

5 tips to ensure you are not cheated on your vacation rental on Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

Opt for a professional service

Indeed, getting a villa for rent when you are on vacation can be real work. Sometimes, it gets frustrating, and that is the last feeling you want to have on vacation. This is why it is advisable that you opt for a professional service.

We channel our energy on getting a selection of the best luxury villas in Ibiza. Recognized by our trust, loyalty, discretion, and privacy, our team is always working behind the screen to take care of your villa rentals´ needs.