5 november, 2018

Luxury Villa Rental in Ibiza

Luxury Villa Rental in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

Life in Ibiza is beautiful. Anywhere you find yourself in Ibiza, you are always a stone´s throw from either a rolling hill or a beautiful beach.

The island is just about two- and half-hour flight from the UK, and it has a magnetic attraction that seems to draw tourists and people who come to work for a season. For travelers, there is only one conclusion that they can come to, "there are no destinations better than the beaches in Ibiza." Ibiza simply has the best view in the world. In this article, we are going to explore the beautiful life in Ibiza, especially the luxury villas; and, why you should consider them for rents.

One of the essential decisions you can make if you intend to live in Ibiza is choosing the right Ibiza villa rental. The island has a seasonal nature means you have to decide between choosing getting stuck in a location or having transport readily available. The bay and San Antonio have the largest English community all year round. Whereas, areas like Playa D´en Bossa can become a bit of a ghost town, while the vast areas of Ibiza Town are open annually, but it is generally favored by the Spanish.

In case you choose to have your own transport, there are a wider Ibiza villa rental options that will become available to you. You can peruse the quieter areas or opt for a luxury villa rental in the hills. Santa Gertrudis and Santa Eulalia are also worth a look, particularly for families who have chosen to live in Ibiza. There are both Spanish and international schools to choose from; however, getting your child into one of the Spanish schools depends on where you are based. If you have the financial capacity, you could look to buy. Alternatively, you will find that Ibiza villas to rent are more economical all year round than seasonal renting.

By June, Ibiza is already filled with the most exciting and beautiful people all over different countries in the world. The Mediterranean Sea invites beautiful travelers for a swim; the temperatures are balanced at the perfect degrees of 28; and, the big clubs are open for a massive night out. Indeed, Ibiza always promise a luxury living. The luxury life in Ibiza offers a lot of enjoyment opportunities for people—the adults have a playground which is the haven of world´s hedonistic glamour where everyone lives like celebrities. Some of the luxury villa rentals Ibiza includes:

Villa Prestige

Luxury Villa Rental in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

Talking of luxury villa rental Ibiza, Villa Prestige offers an outstanding and modern style. It is spacious and built in a style that is modern and focused on natural light, quality finishes and a very high standard. Located on top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a wonderful jacuzzi with an amazing sea view, a good swimming pool and a lawn area, Villa Prestige is about 600 squared meters of living space. The property is fully fenced with electric gate and security system.

Villa Anna

Luxury Villa Rental in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

This villa provides an outstanding and contemporary property with unimaginable sea views. Built with privacy and security in mind, it is the perfect retreat away from the bustle and hustle o Ibiza city. With an amazingly spacious outdoor area, Villa Anna has a fabulous pool area that is surrounded by double sun lounges, beautifully maintained gardens, multicolored lights for evening and an outdoor dining area. This luxury villa in Ibiza is the delight of every traveler seeking a villa for rent in Ibiza.

Villa Vista Azul

Luxury Villa Rental in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

If you are seeking a villa on the mountain top, Villa Vista Azul is an amazing luxury villa for rent in Ibiza. It is a super villa built on the mountain top with an amazing sweeping views of Ibiza and Formentera. Secluded on the hillside above KM5, the villa gives a breathtaking view of Salinas, Cala Jondal, Formentera, and Porroig. The villa is just a 10 minutes´ drive from San Jose. The villa for rent boasts 7 suites, two in the main house and five in the connected buildings. It is simply a luxury apartment to be.

Lujo Supremo

Luxury Villa Rental in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza

In our list of luxury villas for rent in Ibiza, we can not exclude the super modern villa that is set in the heart of the Ibiza countryside, Lujo Supremo. It is perfectly built in the serene area of San Lorenzo which is between the two largest towns in Ibiza—Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town. A 15-minute drive to the coastal town of Santa Eulalia, where there are family-friendly beaches, restaurants, fantastic promenade, and seafront beaches.

To cap off the beauty, there is Ibiza Town on the opposite direction—a 20-minute drive, where you can browse the designer boutiques and some of the best restaurants in Ibiza.

What makes these villas great are more than they architecture of the buildings—which are excellent, indeed—but the life on the Ibiza Island. The restaurants, the nightlife, the beaches and the top celebrities who you can easily spot in Ibiza. Celebrities like:

  • Robert de Niro
  • Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol & Enrique Iglesias
  • Shakira & Gerard Piqué
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Calvin Harris
  • Jade Jagger
  • Zinedine Zidane

And, Hollywood´s most beautiful power couple who tied the knot in Ibiza last year—Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander.

Indeed, life in Ibiza is one of fun and dreamland. You do not get to catch up with your favorite celebrities every day, but in Ibiza, you may find yourself swimming next to Cristiano Ronaldo. Amazing, isn´t it? This is why it is very important to consider choosing the right luxury villa rental. At Loyal Ibiza, we are your loyal connection to the heart of Ibiza. We provide you the right and perfect luxury villas for rent while giving you all you need to enjoy your stay in this amazing Island.

With a wide range of luxury villas in our reach, we help you in choosing high quality and exclusive villas on this unique white island. We provide all the guides you need and help you live a life that is befitting luxury.