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We turn your plans into your ideal house Ideal House Group will take care of everything for you. Our goal is to take all the work and worries off your shoulders. We get it done for you. Beginning with your ideas and plans, through every single project phase, until we deliver you your ideal house:
  • We plan and manage the project
  • We develop your land and construct your buildings
  • We manage and control the quality from Day One until delivery
  • We ensure the highest possible return on investment for you
Real Estate and Villa management in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza | Real Estate
Faster. Better quality. Lower cost Ideal House Group is taking property development to the next level:
  • Project management at an excellent level
  • Proven standard procedures as well as standard processes
  • Trusted material and advanced technologies
Prefab versus traditional building Ideal House Group is taking the best advantage of prefab technology:
  • Prefabricated elements that are fabricated in high-tech industrial facilities
  • Prefabricated elements maximize the consistency in quality
  • Prefabricated elements reduce the building cost drastically
Sample project with return on investment Innovative advantage through high-tech materials. Ideal House Group gives you innovative advantages through R&D, design, fabrication, and installation of integrated elements. We use two alternative construction systems:
  • Cold-formed thin-wall structure system:
    Prefabricated houses made with Zelanian equipment and new technologies.
  • Steel Frame - Ribbed Column Box System (RCB):
    Made with Japanese mature technology. The products are typical energy-saving, environmental, low-carbon and convenient integrated housings, and have great advantages in earthquake proof, anti-typhoon and thermal insulation.
Real Estate and Villa management in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza | Real Estate
Cold-formed thin-wall structure system The cold-formed thin-wall light steel building system is a complete and efficient energy-saving green building system with structural technology as the mainstay that takes into account construction, internal and external decoration, thermal and sound insulation, plumbing and electrical systems, and construction equipment.

The system uses a hot-dip galvanized steel plate cross-sectioned into C-type and U-type thin-walled steel and combined into wall panels, floors, roof trusses, and other components in the field for rapid assembly through factory-scale production.

The system is a kind of fabricated wall-bearing system that is lightweight and has a large span, good resistance to wind and shock, good thermal and sound insulation, and other physical indicators of the building. The construction on-site requires no welding or painting. Thus, it is convenient and efficient.
Compared with the traditional residential structure system,
the ultra-light steel residential system has the following advantages
  • More flexible places to choose, which can meet the client's multifunctional requirements.
  • The light weight and high strength of the materials make them anti-earthquake. Anti-seismic intensity is grade 9 for this kind of building.
  • Industrialization for residential building: The advantage for quick installation ensures a short-construction period.
  • A small proportion of components and thinner of retaining structures ensures there is more usable area.
  • Lightweight of structure, self-weight, less damage for land resources.
  • All the components are produced automatically, continuously, and accurately so that all the products are serialized, stereotyped, and matched. The sizes for different parts are very accurate.
  • There is only a brief time difference in the structure design, detailed design, installing simulations on computers, manufacture, and construction installation.
  • In using the dry work above the foundation work without the wet work, it is easier to make the internal decorations.
  • It is easy to expand the distance between columns and provide bigger partition spaces. It could reduce the floor height and increase the construction area (the usable area attained is 92%). There are more advantages in storey-adding, reconstructing, and strengthening
  • Environmental protection and energy savings: New materials for wall are widely used.
  • All the plumbing and electrical pipelines are hidden into the walls and floors. It is flexible to place and easy to modify.
  • It is easy to relocate, and the main structures can be recycled. There is no construction garbage.
  • It has a good performance in sound insulation: Different kinds of composited wall material ensure sound absorption and insulation.
  • Wind resistance: It can resist grade 12 typhoons (1.5 KN/m2).
  • Permanent building: The highly wear-resistant galvanized coating structure is safe for up to 90 years.
Integrated houses – Highest quality and flexibility We have a large number of integrated construction elements and products available. These allow us to satisfy your needs whether you want us to construct villas, rural buildings, houses in tourist areas, or sales offices.

Integrated technology can also be used in temporary offices, dormitories, civil setting houses, exhibiting rooms, earthquake relief headquarters, and military buildings. We are going to construct integrated houses for you that will 100% satisfy your needs.

Innovation leads the construction market, and our service quality creates customer satisfaction.
Real Estate and Villa management in Ibiza | Loyal Ibiza | Real Estate
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