16 november, 2018

Rent a villa in Ibiza: the perfect option for a family vacation

Rent a villa in Ibiza: the perfect option for a family vacation | Loyal Ibiza

Known for its hippie lifestyle and wild life, Ibiza is a sun-soaked hangout for celebrities. The Mediterranean island hosts millions of people who troop in annually to enjoy its sun, beach, party and fun.

Easily, many people associate Ibiza with celebrity parties. However, it is also an ideal place for families looking for vacation. Its stunning turquoise water is a popular holiday spot that accommodates 2.8 million tourists every year; and, children love the beach.

Family Beaches

Rent a villa in Ibiza: the perfect option for a family vacation | Loyal Ibiza

Children are livelier when they are by the beach. When you rent a villa in Ibiza, you can be able to find shallow beaches with calm waters that is perfect for family holiday in Ibiza. These shallow beaches have serene waters that are crystal clear and spread across a long stretch; this is excellent for children to play and learn to swim safely.

One typical example of these shallow beaches is the Cala Gracio, which is in San Antonio. It has a horseshoe shape which protects it from currents. The absence of ravaging waves make it have the resemblance of a natural pool. Your family is going to like it. With Loyal Ibiza, you can rent luxury villa in Ibiza that is close to Cala Gracio or Las Salinas. Las Salinas is a popular holiday beach among many vising families; it has a little slope of entry which makes it safe for children to swim.

Finding Nemo in the aquarium

In the 15th century, the famous historian, Nostradamus, predicted that Ibiza will be the final refuge of earthly living men. We can´t argue with a historian of his pedigree. There are actually scientific evidences that suggest that the prevailing winds on the island will help in sustaining life in the event of a nuclear fallout.

Now that you know you are safe in Ibiza, it is time you found Nemo in the aquarium. The Cap Blanc Aquarium is located inside a natural cave that is almost 400 square meters in area. From the position, children can watch marine species in their most natural habitat. They will be so amazed, you would have to pick their mouth from the floor. It is an experience they will remember throughout their lifetime.

Luxury family accommodation

Rent a villa in Ibiza: the perfect option for a family vacation | Loyal Ibiza

In 2007, the local government enacted a law which prohibited the building of hotels that are not standard; hotels have to five-star. However, for a vacation that brings beautiful memories, it is essential that you find a luxury villa on Ibiza. At Loyal Ibiza, we offer the best villas on the island that give you the stunning views of the nature´s beauty which resides in Ibiza. We put you and your family in the best villas where you have a high chance of spotting your favorite celebrities. Stars like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio have all had holiday here.

Loyal Ibiza offers the perfect Ibiza villa rental, so you and your family can explore the magnificent architecture, sea life and coastline that has made Ibiza a world heritage.