24 January, 2019

Villa services in Mykonos: Winter is an amazing time to have fun in Mykonos

Villa services in Mykonos: Winter is an amazing time to have fun in Mykonos | Loyal Ibiza

Unlike other places, there are those who visit Mykonos for the first time and end up staying there.

They fall in love with this beautiful city in Greece and up making Mykonos their new home. When they first reach Mykonos, they never expected the many beautiful people they would find—the Brits, French, Italians, Australians, Americans, and the locals.

Many people fall in love with the nightlife. There is always a party going on in Mykonos. We offer amazing yachts for your vacation in Mykonos. Like almost everything about yacht life, living on a yacht is an amazing experience. Indeed, living on a yacht in Mykonos offer a beautiful lifestyle change. In this article, we are going to explore the pros and cons of living on a yacht in Mykonos.

Villa services in Mykonos: Winter is an amazing time to have fun in Mykonos | Loyal Ibiza

1. The cost of living

On TVs, you would have seen the wealthy living on yachts or spoilt kids. And, you might have thought that this kind of living isn´t for you, especially in Mykonos. That may not be totally true. As a matter of fact, the only thing you have to worry about living in a yacht in Mykonos is the mooring and the maintenance. By living in one of our yachts, you will be saving on electricity, more ware and rent or mortgage. Apparently, the cost of living on one of the Mykonos yachts is significantly cheap compared to other forms of living.

Since space is essential, you will definitely have less room for clutters. This will help you to spend less money on things that you do not need. It will also help you to avoid wasting food on board. Less space means that you will pay more attention to what you buy.

2. Home is where you sleep

If you want to experience the amazing views of Mykonos, living on a yacht is your ticket. There are amazing views of this beautiful city in Greece that you can only see while you are traveling from one port to the other.

3. Nothing will be the same

If you have never lived on a yacht, you are set for an amazing experience on one of our yachts in Mykonos. Indeed, there is no other living situation that comes close to living on a yacht. You will experience a level of solitude that you may never attain in any other place. In addition, you will experience freedom from life struggles, and attain a new level of self-sufficiency. Living on a yacht is doing something truly amazing that very few have ever dared.

Villa services in Mykonos: Winter is an amazing time to have fun in Mykonos | Loyal Ibiza

Here are a few cons that you may consider before renting a yacht in Mykonos

1. Groceries

Unlike getting your groceries from the car to your house, getting your groceries to your yacht may be a bit problematic. You have to get your groceries from the parking lot, get down onto the dock, across the moving waters, and climb the deck of your yacht. For some people, this may pose some challenges.

2. Errands

Again, you are on the water and running errands to get things you may need may also be challenging.

3. Laundry

Unless you have a washing machine on board, it may be a huge challenge carrying your laundry from the yacht to the car.Our yachts are designed to cater to these needs. They are fully functional and you have the freedom to do all you want to do. You will be able to sleep on stormy nights. When the sea is upset, our yachts do not rock.

Villa services in Mykonos: Winter is an amazing time to have fun in Mykonos | Loyal Ibiza

If you are still not convinced, here are a few other benefits that you may consider:

1. Less stress

Those who live on yachts are less stressed as those who live on the ground. This is because there are fewer distractions to worry about. Financial drains cost most of the challenges that people face when they are in Mykonos. However, staying on yachts is less costly. The low cost of living on a yacht helps keep people relaxed and less stressed compared to those managing in moderate housings.

2. Green living

If you are interested in sustaining your energy in the buzzing atmosphere of Mykonos, you will find our paths for rent immensely energy-efficient. They are highly suitable for those who are focused on not draining their energy while on the waters. There are fewer resources and more environmentally-friendly cleaners while you are on the yachts. Nothing speaks energy more than green living, and that is an energy-efficient lifestyle that you will experience on the yachts.

3. Amazing neighbors

You didn´t know you would be having neighbors on the waters right? One of the beauties of living on a yacht in Mykonos is that you will meet amazing people who also live on yachts. Statistically, there are wealthier, more fun and more resourceful people on yachts.

4. Travel

Perhaps, this is the most exciting experience of staying on a yacht. Living on-board means you get to do the amount of travelling that you wished to do. Isn´t this fun? You get to see the majority of the beauties of Mykonos from the comfort of your home. In addition, you get to take weekend takeayas to different coasts and marinas.

In addition, travelling on the waters is less expensive when you have your own home and transportation on board. Also, if you work remotely, you also get to have fun while you do your business. You can operate your e-commerce business while you travel on te waters of Mykonoes.

5. Simple life

Living on the yacht is simple. There are fewer distractions to deal with. You are able to spend most of your time focusing on the essentials of life. This will boost your productivity and also offer a form of retreat for those who have been massively involved in the day-to-day activities of life.

Indeed, living on-board these yachts in Mykonos is an excellent opportunity to navigate around the beauty of this Greek Island. When seeking for a yacht to rent or charter in Mykonos, we have an amazing crew that will ensure you have a smooth sea experience.